Music Education.

This is the post excerpt.

Learning music benefit one’s physically and psychologically regardless age, ethnic, and gender, especially for students. Indeed, Australia will be able to be a better academic country compared to America, Canada and England if more support from the government in the provision of music education.

Let’s break it down.          Some advantages…… 

  • Engage under-performing students,
  • Contribute to the development one’s cognitive, emotional and fine motor skills,
  • Enhance memory and brain function,
  • Reduce behavioural problems,
  • Increase the level of cultural and social capital of a person, and
  • Improve the social and economic growth of Australia (Music Education | Music Australia, 2017).

Are you a consumer or a producer?

As a consumer of music, we have Spotify, iTunes, Youtube and Soundcloud. Or do you make music from garage band, logic, Sibelius, song maker, Loopseque and other music apps/software? How about learning music?

Let’s make music programs that accessible to everyone. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 6.04.31 pm.png

Regardless who you are?

Where are you?

What you do?

What music genre?



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