Program 3

Australian Indigenous Music

Dreamtime Stories (Week 6-7)

Music: Sesere Eeye


The Aboriginal Dreamtime story refers to the history of the creation of the first Australian, it is not the fairy tales. Storytelling is not merely an entertainment to the indigenous Australian, it is a unique and authentic way to keep Indigenous culture and tradition alive. Dreamtime stories comprise the Aboriginal’s sacred, physical, and human world’s as they encompass the creation of the land, the spiritual, the music and dance, and the art. Melody/pitch instruments are not generally used in Torres Strait Island music, however, traditional indigenous percussion instrument which made from natural materials are used to accompany songs, dances, and story.

In this program, the student will be learning some Dreamtime story and create their own Dreamtime story based on their ethnicity or cultural background in groups. Students are required to present their stories with a rhythmic background (a backbeat). This will be a  homework as students will create authentic Dreamtime stories in discussion with their family members or the elders. Regarding the backbeat (rhythmic background), students will choose their preferred music software or apps, for instance, garage band, noteflight, and beatmaker to compose their rhythmic background.

Lastly, the student will learn an Aboriginal song called Sesere Eeye, it is originated from Moa Island. The song is about the wind and the effects of the wind blowing on the mountains.